Internet Radio is bigger than Facebook!

It may sound dramatic, but new data reveals online-streaming radio commands a larger audience than the social media giant. And that could cause advertisers to give Internet radio—which includes the online streams of broadcast radio stations along with Web pure-play services—a more prominent place in their ad mix.

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eMarketer estimates that 12% of time spent with digital media this year will go to Internet radio, compared to 6% on Facebook, according to a market survey by Xappmedia. Internet radio counts a slightly larger domestic audience, tallying about 159.6 million users at the end of 2014, compared to Facebook’s 156.5 million U.S. users as of January 2015.

As advertisers increase digital and social media marketing budgets, these stats bode well for broadcasters looking to monetize their online radio investments. Xappmedia notes that Internet radio offers advertisers advantages over Facebook and other digital ad options. Internet radio, for one, is a passive experience, played over a desktop or a smartphone while users continue other activities, such as driving or work. That affords advertisers opportunities to reach users throughout the day, even if they aren’t actively interacting with the medium. Internet radio is increasingly a mobile play, with between 75% and 95% of listening coming on mobile devices, according to Triton and comScore estimates.

Advertisers are apparently getting the message. This year, Xappmedia expects the number of advertisers using Internet radio will grow five-fold, generating up to $2 billion in advertising revenue, as “more advertisers are recognizing that mobile audiences are readily available on Internet radio and music-streaming services.”

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